Design your own class with a minimum of 4 students
We might be able to help you with a study unit.
Course Instruction can be one session of 3 hours, 1 day (6 hours) or 4 or 5 sessions of 3 hours.
Sessions can be modified to fit homeschool schedule. (One full day a week (6 hours & Lunch break), daily for 3 hours for one week or once a week for 4/5 weeks with work to be done at home.

Minimum students per class: 4    Maximum students: 8

Fees per student -15 hours of Contact: $90. Single sessions: $25 Minimum students: 4 All materials included.

OLDER STUDENTS 15-18 UAF COLLEGE 3 Credits for ART 127= Introduction to Weaving
. Can be taken during the day on Tuesday/Thursdays for a semester

AGES 6 – 9
ART I: Weaving
Explores a variety of fun activities in weaving, Kool-Aid dyeing, felting and basketry

ART II: Drawing & Watercolor Presents beginning drawing exercises for developing skills using pencil & watercolor.

ART IV: Print & Paper Create designs by learning the techniques for printing, stamping, stenciling & marbling on fabric & T-shirts.

Zoo or Aquatic Mobiles Learn the basic sewing skills for hand stitching fabric animals or sea life to create a mobile to wall hanging.

AGES 8 – 15

BANDS, KNOTS, BELTS, AND BRAIDS A variety of techniques that create bands & braids for belts, head & hat bands & bracelets.

BEAD: Animal World Created in a variety of beading techniques using thread & wire for Lizards, snakes & spiders and more.

BEAD: Bead Loom Design Surprise yourself! Design & create original bead loom art with a 3-D surface.
BEAD: BEAD Razzle Dazzle Bead techniques for creating balls, interlocking circles and small surprizes that sparkle with razzle dazzle.
BEAD: Garden's Delight Surprise friends as your garden grows with bead flowers & vegetables.
BEAD: FREE FORM & FANCY for Bracelets & Objects
Free Form Beading techniques for objects or bracelets. Design & embellish with a textured surface.
BEAD: Peyote Treasure Bag Necklace Learn to design flat & tubular pieces for a small amulet treasure bag necklace.
BEAD: Sea Creatures Use a variety of beading techniques with thread & wire to create starfish, jellyfish and fantasy fish.
BEAD: Suncatchers You will design your own sun or dreamcatcher that will sparkle with beads, feathers & found objects.3 D forms, pop-up & sculpture using paper and cardboa
CREATIVE BASKETRY Teaches basic coiled, plaited & twined basketry from flat & round reed, raffia & yarn.
DOLLS & PUPPETS Create & decorate a series of hand pop-up puppets; soft dolls that could be used in a folk tale.
PAPER SCULTURE & POP-UP 3 D forms, pop-up & sculpture using paper and cardboard.

SEWING & QUILTING Explore hand sewing, appliqué & quilt piecing for a wall hanging or pillow and a purse/pillow.

SOFT WORLD OF ANIMAL TOYS Design & make patterns for your very own soft toys. A Alaskan fish, bear, & a rabbit.

SURFACE DESIGN Learn techniques used for printing, stenciling, marbling to make unique designs on t-shirts, fabric, paper.

WEAVING I Learn the age-old craft of making cloth on simple & complex looms for purses, pillows & mats. Earn textile badge.

WEAVING II LOOM PROJECTS Loom projects: Design a warp & weave a project & work on a warped looms you can take home for gift giving or for a fair entry.
AGES 9 – 15

FANTASY DRAWING OR DRAWNG & WATERCOLOR CLASSES (Evenings or Weekends, also Parent/child classes offered

Beginning, Intermediate & Advanced drawing. Learn line, form & value using pen, pencil & watercolor. Sketch still life, gestures & nature.

BERRY ROOM BIRDS perched or in-flight. Create a flock of Alaskan birds either perched or in flight with colorful & patterned fabrics

MACHINE SEWING I Teaches machine operation & basic sewing knowledge to make a tote bag, pillow, shorts or skirt.
MACHINE SEWING II Improve sewing skills by making a reversible vest, skirt, pillow or small quilt. Work on sewing curves & topstitching.
MACHINE SEWING III Sew a series of quick skirts, full circle, gathered or tiered skirt for a new look in the school year.


Fleece TO Fabric: Start with raw fleece: card, spin, felt and create fabric experiencing what every culture around the world experienced.

Contact the Weaving Studio: 452-7737
Check out the Summer Youth Fiber Arts Program for 2016 for summer program